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Jack Rabbits is USA Gymnastics member club. We have highly qualified, degreed, and certified instructors. All of our instructors come from athletic backgrounds and serve as excellent role models for our students. Our number one priority is to provide a safe environment, where children are able to excel and strive, resulting in increased confidence and self-esteem. We pride ourselves on the individual attention we are able to give to all children.


Bunny Hoppers (12-18 months)

40 Minutes
Bunny Hoppers is a 40 minute class where 12-18 month olds can explore the safe and colorful gym with the assistance of the parent or caregiver.  Opportunities to crawl, run, climb, hang, roll and socialize in a bright and fun atmosphere that entices movement and activity.  Instuctors provide spotting and assistance throughout the gym, but the participation of the parent or caregiver is essential for the best experience.




2 Years

40 Minutes
This class is similar to the Bunny Hoppers, while including a structured circle time halfway through the class.  Parents/Caregivers participate with the child as instructors lead fun warm-up/stretching games & activities and introduce specific skills for the children to try.  Each class is different and many additional props, such as bright parachutes, balls, hoops, etc. are used.




3-5 Years

40 Minutes
This drop off class is independent from parents and caregivers.  Classes begin with exciting group games or activities that get children movings and warmed up, while still teaching a variety of skills, such as balance, agility, coordination, body awareness and basic gymnastics positions.  The children usually break into smaller groups to have one-on-one instruction while having fun at different circuits throughout the gym.


5-6 & 7-10 Years

50 Minutes
These older children are ready for class structure, more advanced skills and terminology.  After a fun stretch and warm-up, the group will work on basic floor gymnastics skills. After that, the children will be split into smaller groups and will receive instruction on all gymnastics apparatus, at different stations in the gym. 

Our program is based on the guidelines set forth by USA Gymnastics, and is for the beginer as well as the advance. The class is designed to build strength, flexibility, and confidence while promoting teamwork, increasing fitness and teaching gymnastics skills, from simple to complex(e.g. from forward roll to dive roll to front tuck).


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